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Using B2B model of business, we would like to speak about development of priority industries of investments and integration of Russian business into the international eSports market using also a basis of traditional and innovative solutions.

Speakers will discuss possibilitys to further developments in this sphere and also competitiveness and cost efficiency of an eSports industry in Russia in the domestic and international markets.

There are primary subjects which we will discuss:

  1. Dynamics of e-sports throughout Europe and beyond its borders
  2. Hot investment opportunities in e-sports as of today: how to maximize ROI
  3. Bids in eSports. World and Russian experience. Earnings, prospects, statistics.
  4. Now eSports is a traditional sport in Russia. World experience. Is it a traditional sport or a commercial business model?
  5. Higher eSports education in Russia. Myth or reality?
  6. Investments into eSports. Experience. Analytics. Prospects. how to earn in e-sports business?
  7. New brands and models of eSports. New opportunities in eSports, new markets, new types of a cooperation.
  8. ESports projects on TV. New perspective of online transmission to big screens.
  9. How to create an effective team (organization)? Cultivation of talents.
  10. How to create a tournament which will attract one million audience and sponsors?


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