Revenue and prospects of eSports industry

Revenue and prospects of eSports industry

Prize funds of eSports tournaments, incomes of industry celebrities and the pace of growth of the number of game leagues throughout the world speak for themselves. Nevertheless, eSports has been a niche segment and has not been in-demand in big business until recently.

What has changed and why?

First of all alternations in business models of game publishers have occurred. Earlier they primarily focused on the production of licensed product copies, but the efficiency of the free-to-play model changed their interest vector. They actively participate in massive popularization of eSports, attracting more and more new players.

Reasons that at the same time are consequences of eSports global promotion also include:

  • streaming, online broadcasting and other eSports content on Twitch and YouTube platforms;
  • fantasy sports and eSports betting;
  • support from traditional sports leagues;
  • attention from the side of mass media and talent agencies;
  • official recognition of eSports at the country level, etc.

That’s only a few of factors that facilitate the development of eSports as a mass culture notion. In its turn, the mass character of interested audience attracts new investment sources, which also positively influence the market development.

According to data from American agency SuperData Research, eSports market will reach $1billion next year.

You will find more analytical and statistical information about the industry at the conference eSPORTconf Russia 2016 on December 1.

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