Cyber Anji and Na`Vi team (WoT) have ceased to exist

Cyber Anji and Na`Vi team (WoT) have ceased to exist

The news about two remarkable eSports teams closed appeared at the end of last week. Anji dissolved the Dota 2 team which led to revelation of unpleasant details about the club’s activity. Natus Vincere’s the World of Tanks team was also dissolved.

Regarding Cyber Anji which took the eighth place in closed qualifications of The International 2017, there weren’t many who believed in the bright future of the team. It turned out that the management of the club didn’t pay salary to the majority of players.

The project manager Murad Aliev spoke about plenty of unpleasant details about the organization but expressed confidence that eSportsmen who were earlier in the team would be successful. It is agreed that Anji has to pay players by July 10.

“Born to win” said goodbye to the World of Tanks team after their unsuccessful performance on the championship in Moscow. The management believes that WoT is an outdated discipline.

It is notable that members of the team agree with such an opinion. Lots of Na`Vi fans were quite supportive of such a change, comparing to the dissolution of the Hearthstone team last year.

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