Investment cases and opportunities in e-sports

Investment cases and opportunities in e-sports

E-sports has a breeding ground for investment: it covers a young multimillion audience. Not all e-sports fans are active buyers now, but they will definitely be such in the future. And the audience continues to grow.

The previous year has become a landmark for e-sports: according to Newzoo's research report, in 2017 the e-sports market grew by 33% compared to 2016, reaching $655 million. $468 million of this amount is sponsor investments, revenue from advertising and tournament broadcasts.

Investments in Russian e-sports are growing every year, this dynamic has become especially noticeable after June 2016, when e-sports has become an official sport in Russia and in the world, players have become professional athletes, and professional and semi-professional leagues have emerged.

In 2018, Group bought the ESBS e-sports holding for $100 million. At the same time ESforce retained its independence inside the company.

Earlier this year, MTS bought Gambit Esports, keeping gaming units and employees, including the CEO Konstantin Pikiner, who became the sports director of MTS.

Taking into account the active industry development, specialized events appear as well. The first conference dedicated entirely to e-sports, eSPORTconf Russia, was held in 2016. In 2018, Smile-Expo will hold another e-sports event, where everyone will be able to learn relevant news about e-sports and business.

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