European and world dynamics of e-sports development

European and world dynamics of e-sports development

A leader of the world e-sports market is Asia, with China and South Korea being the active ones. It is followed by the USA with numerous regional competitions and the pretty developed game-related industry. The European cybersports market has a long-term history, but at the same time, its scale is not so big. Nevertheless, recently, more and more new gaming leagues have been appearing.

Interesting data about the condition and prospects of the European e-sports market:

  • Now the European e-sports market is estimated at $300 million;
  • It is expected that it will grow up to $343 million by 2017 and up to $389 million by 2018;
  • As of 2016, the audience includes 23 million players and spectators;
  • By 2018, one expects an increase up to 45 million people.

Please note that average e-sports lovers in European countries are men aged 18-34 years and in the Russian Federation – 25-34 years. It means that paying capacity of the audience is much higher than it is commonly thought.

According to the data of PayPal and SuperData Research analytical agencies, today the Russian e-sports market is the most large-scale among 8 studied European countries. France takes the second place and Spain is the third one.

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