Just one CIS team remains in HLTV.org’s top 10

Just one CIS team remains in HLTV.org’s top 10

Early in July, HLTV.org updated its ranking of the world’s best CS:GO teams. While in the middle of the last season its top 10 list included four eastern European teams, now there is only one left. Virtus.pro G2A, which held the 3rd position on the list in April, was kicked out to the 11th position.

Natus Vincere still holds the 10th position, although it occupied the 6th position in spring. Gambit and HellRaisers have also lost their positions on the top 10 list, but they are still among the top 20 teams, occupying the 14th and 15th positions respectively.

The list of 30 leading teams contains two more CIS clubs: Vega Squadron took the 21st position, and FlipSid3 Tactics – 22nd.

The following clubs comprise the top three positions of the ranking:

  1. SK.
  2. FaZe Clan.
  3. Astralis.
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