Student? Come to e-sports conference for only 4 000 RUB!

Student? Come to e-sports conference for only 4 000 RUB!

Still haven’t decided what to do in the future? Choose e-sports! We know those who have already earned millions in computer sports, and will share valuable information with you!

Where to begin? Come to eSPORTсonf Russia 2018.

You will learn:

  • How and where to get e-sports education in Russia?
  • How to create your own e-sports brand?
  • How to find a sponsor for an e-sports team?
  • What are the advantages of gamers in the labor market and how to use them?

The conference will be held on April 3 in Moscow. The industry gurus will share useful information about the e-sports world, and you can ask them questions. The full price of the ticket is 15 000 RUB, but being a student, you will be able to visit the event for only 4 000 RUB!

To buy a ticket, please register. Discount is available for those over 18 years old. Don’t forget to take a student ID!

Come, this is a step in an exciting future!


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