The leaders of an eSports club Elements Pro Gaming will appear at eSPORTconf Russia

The leaders of an eSports club Elements Pro Gaming will appear at eSPORTconf Russia

On December, 1 the leaders of an eSports team Elements Pro Gaming (EPG) Dmitry Belyaev and Vladimir Belov will give a speech during eSPORTconf Russia 2016. They will be joined by Ian Nepomniachtchi – a professional chess player and eSports gamer.

Who are these speakers?

  • Dmitry Belyaev – CEO of Elements Pro Gaming with 5 years of experience in legal sector (finances and consulting). Together with partners he founded an eSports startup EPG in 2015 and gave up jurisprudence to commit himself to the project development.
  • Vladimir Belov – a sports director of Elements Pro Gaming. He is a professional chess player. Since 2003 he has had the title of a grandmaster. In the period of 2006-2007 he was a trainer of a Russian female chess team. Since 2011 he has been the trainer of the Russian junior chess team.
  • Ian Nepomniachtchi – a managing director in EPG. Since 2007 he has had the title of an international chess grandmaster. He is a member of the Russian Olympic team being one of 15 strongest chess players in the world. Furthermore, he is known as FrostNova among eSports fans. He won in ASUS Cup Winter 2011 and too k part in The International 2015 as a statistician.

Speakers will tell the audience about the process of forming an eSports team and organizing a tournament and share their views on the future of an eSports industry in Russia and in the world. Topical issues about setting eSports equal to traditional sports and possibilities of its inclusion into Olympic disciplines will be discussed.

Don’t miss their speeches on December,1 within eSPORTconf Russia 2016.

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