Roman Protopopov will share his tournaments organizing experience at eSPORTconf Russia

Roman Protopopov will share his tournaments organizing experience at eSPORTconf Russia

On December 1, eSPORTconf Russia 2016 will feature the presentation from the founder and head of Gamebox group of projects – Roman Protopopov.

Gamebox involves information media producing the content for players and gathering theme gamer communities within. As part of the projects, they’ve been creating and supporting the eSports tournaments on multiple occasions.

Roman’s presentation will be titled: “eSports tournament organization pitfalls

The speaker will tell about the critical mistakes specific to the beginner organizers involved in the eSport events, sharing peculiar case studies to demonstrate the discussed topic.

“Oftentimes I’ve been dealing with situations of the successfully organized events, which however were ruined due to some key mistakes at the beginning stage. There’re hundreds of unsuccessful tournaments negatively influencing the image of the organizing company and product, or leaving the indelible imprint in the memory of all players and attendees,” said Roman Protopopov.

As part of his presentation, the speaker will address the following thesis:

  • development of the application or web resource;
  • prize fund, motivation for players;
  • operation with the informational sources;
  • organization of players and communication with the teams;
  • care of the spectators.

In order to discover all secrets crucial for the successful eSports event organization, join us at eSPORTconf Russia 2016 on December 1. Get your ticket here.

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