Natus Vincere and exchanged players

Natus Vincere and exchanged players

Natus Vincere and had a Dota 2 conducted transfers of players. Vladimir “RodjEr” Nikogosyan joined the Russian team, and Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk is now a part of the Ukrainian team.

According to the General Manager of Roman Dvoryankin, Ilya approved himself as a real professional e-sportsman who played an important role in the team's victories. Nevertheless, he believes, a new player will have a positive impact on the future of the team.

Despite the signed contract with Vladimir Nikogosyan, Natus Vincere decided to let the player go, after agreeing on the amount of compensation.

Both players have shown their impact on many occasions, achieving high results with their former teams.

Vladimir Nikogosyan has already played in the WESG team, and Ilya Ilyuk allowed the Natus Vincere team to climb to the 5th position in the Valve table, showing a result of 1110 points.

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