ESports degree in Russia: where to get it

ESports degree in Russia: where to get it

ESports is a young and promising industry that is developing too fast to fill the growing need for stuff. Therefore, experts launch programs, classes, online platforms and even eSports degree, which allow students to become eSports specialists.

There is such a possibility in Russia as well: first schools were launched in the late 2000s, and a few years later, an eSports degree was launched in one of the state universities.

In this article, you will learn about the main opportunities to get an eSports education in Russia.

1. Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE)

This university was a pioneer, launching a “Theory and methodology of computer sports” program. 56 students study now there full-time.

In the first and second years, students take subjects from the main program: anatomy, philosophy, biochemistry, psychology. And specialized subjects: eSports management, organization of competitions, theory and methodology of eSports, the history of computer sports and others, starting from the third year.

The applicant has too:

  1. take the Unified State Exam in biology and Russian;
  2. pass a cognitive abilities and motor skills test;
  3. pass a sports test: pull-ups or 1000-meter dash, or long jump.

  • Term of apprenticeship: 4 years (bachelor's degree) and 2 years (master's program).
  • State-financed places: yes.
  • Attendance: full-time, part-time, mixed.
  • Job opportunity: organizers of tournaments, judges, coaches.
  • Cost: 120.000 rubles in year.
  • Document: state diploma.

Где в России получить киберспортивное образование?

2. The National Research University Higher School of Economics

There is no eSports course in this university, but the experts in conjunction with the Russian eSports Federation developed an educational program for professional retraining “Management of eSports” to solve the problem of staff shortage in the management of cyber industry.

According to Dmitry Smith, the president of Russian eSports Federation, lecturers of the program are top managers and eSports experts. For example, regional director of the game development company Riot Games, ESL representative, secretary general of the International eSports Federation are among them.

The program began on December 6, 2017. 17 students will finish their studies on June 13, 2018.

The university took 382nd place in the ranking of the best universities in the country in 2017.

  • Term of apprenticeship: 6 months.
  • State-financed places: yes.
  • Attendance: full-time.
  • Job opportunity: head of the club or department, manager in the eSports industries.
  • Cost: 200 000 rubles.
  • Document: Diploma of professional retraining.

Где в России получить киберспортивное образование?

The institutions listed above provide an opportunity to get a higher eSports education.

3. ESports school White Crow in Tomsk

White Crow is a private eSports school for children and teenagers. Students get acquainted with computer technologies, form active reflexes for eSports in the first year of study. Teamwork begins in the second and third years, children start to participate in eSports competitions starting from the fourth year of study.

  • Term of apprenticeship: 5 years.
  • Term of apprenticeship: yes.
  • Attendance: full-time.
  • Age of students: 10-18 years.

ESports degree in Russia: where to get it

4. Online service MoreMMR

You can learn eSports online, and learning sites with assignments and video materials will help in this. For example, the MoreMMR platform, which was launched in 2017. The sports commentator Pavel Zanozin is the presenter of the project. The service teaches you how to play Dota2.

The platform is similar to Battle Pass, but the participant must pay for tasks. The training material is divided into 5 directions: basic, mid, carry, off-line and support. Each direction has blocks with video materials and tasks of different levels of complexity.

Cost: the first 5 blocks are free, use coins to open following.

ESPORTconf Russia 2018, the main Russian conference dedicated to Russian and international eSports, will take place in Moscow on April 3. Experts will speak on the topic of education:

  • Gabriel Levy, CEO and founder of the His topic is eSports in education: the case. He will talk about barriers when developing the project, features of the audience and specifics of individual games.
  • Miroslava Valkevich is a journalist, former host of the Game Show TV channel. She will talk about how gamers have changed the business environment: what advantages players have over non-players in the labor market, which gaming skills will help you to build a career, how to manage a new generation of gamers and much more.

Register to the conference to get useful information and ask your questions.

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